Friday, 9 March 2012


Friday…finally !
Im glad yesterdays day is now over, was pretty emotional saying goodbye to my parents.
Even my dogs looked depressingly sad this morning !
House feels empty and quite...
So…few wines at the bar was much needed…and a few more !
Some retail shopping therapy was on at Freedom aswell, worked like a charm J
Got some beautiful recycled glass items.
We also got our new dining table inside the house now which is looking fabulous!
Was too dark to take photos so will post over the weekend.
Big night tonight…work is organising a Hens Night for one of the girls here at work, so tonight is looking gooood J


  1. ... this is such a sweet post! Hope your weekend was great :) ... almost time for the next one!!

  2. Did you take these photographs? They're beautiful.

  3. Hi :) Thank I didnt take these photos, just some beautiful inspiration xg

  4. Wine and retail therapy - works for me every time :) Have a great night. xxx

  5. Yes, that's what Fridays are for. Drinking and shopping, not in that order......don't want to shop with the bEEr gOggLes on!!!
    Tania Maree xx
    Scandi Coast Home Australia


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