Friday, 28 September 2012

Cape Cod Charm

Timeless and elegant clifftop Cape Cod house by the shore in Auckland with stunning sea views.
I can only afford to daydream about it...
but has given me so much inspiration.

Friday, 21 September 2012

32 week scan

8 months pregnant today !
8 more weeks to go....its going so fast and im getting a little bit nervous.
Just the whole experience of meeting this little person that me and my partner have created :)
Its so close now, and my whole life will take a different direction, and to feel a different type of love that I have never experienced before.

I had placenta posterior in my 20 weeks scan so had to do a 32 week check up to make sure its position had changed, which it has...phew..or else there might had been C-section and complications.
I will try for a natural birth, but will opt for an Epidural if its too much pain to handle.

This is a photo of her pretty little face from my 32 weeks scan.
I cant stop looking at her :)


Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Wall Panelling

I absolutely love the panelling look and always wanted it in our house, so after reading Jenna Sue's Blog and her projects, I finally decided to give it a go ! My partner wasnt too sure or keen, but hey im the one wearing the pants in our relationship hehe. So off we went out and got the things we needed, just a few panells, nails, glue, fillers, paint etc. To measure and put the panells up took 2 hours, then the sanding and painting took 3 hours. Everything went really smooth and we both love the finishing look so much we will continue doing some panelling in our hallway !

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