Thursday, 8 March 2012


Rain, rain, raaaaain..and dark its getting, especially in the mornings getting up for work, its pitch black ! I cant get up...uhhhh. Bit of a sad day for me today, taking mum and dad to the airport as they are flying back to Sweden this afternoon. That 3 months went fast ! But I know they will be back within a year so all good :)

This beautiful home today is from Newport.
Bit of Cape Cod New England interior, looove it.
Grey and white exterior is always a favourite.
Very friendly and inviting environment.
Perfect family house.

Love the barstools and the pendants!

I love this room ! I think I would feel petty comfortable in there if I was a guest..

Perfect outdoors


  1. Love this home, it's to die for! Hope your parents have a smooth flight home and that they enjoyed their trip despite the terrible weather! :) xo K

  2. love all the blue and white & that huge bathroom! it's very wet here today as well.


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