Tuesday, 6 December 2011

My Dream House ...

....I FOUND IT !!  This stunning house lives in Stockholm, Sweden. I just love absolutely EVERYTHING about it...Im having the shakes by just looking at it online...and in my mind I have already moved in !

 ...love the little white gate, the big bay windows, the house color, the roof, the shape of the house and how the top floor is built...

...wow...this kitchen just blows me away...certainly inspired for my future kitchen ! Love how all the cupboards goes all the way up to the ceiling, and those tiles are a must have !

... loving how they have created the open space, and how the livingroom is on a lower ground from the dining and kitchen area... 

 ... its so beautiful !

 ..swoon !

So what do you think? Shall we kick the owners out ?! hehe


  1. Ooh, gorgeous! I can see why you love it!! Just pop it on the coast and I will move right in too! hehe :) x K

  2. Hey and thanks for your lovely comment!

    So calm and beautiful feeling on these photos, lovely!

  3. OMG! The Scandinavians certainly know how to use white and give it a sensational lift with just the right amount of contrast. Love, love, love. Thanks for sharing. Zoe x

  4. I agree with you! The house looks beautiful! It’s amazing how the whole white theme works well from the exterior to the interior. You’re lucky to have found the house online. I think you have an appreciative eye to see the beauty of this house. I hope someday, you would be the proud owner of this house.

    Brendan Amorose

  5. very happy to have found your blog, the homes you feature are stunning and very inspirational. This home would be very close to my dream home too, especially the beautiful kitchen :) Pinning away now, will probably end up pinning half your blog! From Megan

  6. I love the exterior design of the house! Well, European homes are always known for having that kind of steep roof and it shows a bit of clever construction. The gate and the yard gave the house a delicate atmosphere.

    Ofelia Bertrand

  7. This house looks perfect! It’s as if you don’t really need to do any renovations at all. The interiors are really tremendous and I really love the room’s color scheme! It works well together to create a good-looking, well balanced shade and pattern.

    Abdul Jackson

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