Wednesday 20 November 2013

Happy 1st Birthday to my darling little bumble bee :)
She is the most gorgeous special little princess and has filled my life with so much love and laughter.
I cannot believe she is one already, where did that year go?!
Its been a year since I have blogged, but oh how busy a mums life is !
I will be back soon and post some more.


Friday 30 November 2012

Mila Nouvel

Born Monday 19th November at 07:15am, 56cm and 3.7kg


She has finally arrived into our world, our little princess and
we are totally in love with her !!
Sometimes I just start crying looking at her thinking what a miracle we have here with us :)
She eats and sleeps very well, and so far I only have to get up once at night to feed her.
I do find it a bit hard though to put her back to bed after her night feed as when I burp her she tends to wake up, and if I dont burp her she will puke her milk up and takes me sometimes 2 hrs to get her back to sleep.
The birth was pretty aweful though I have to say, being induced for 4 days made me pretty tired and not being able to sleep at nights !
My midwife got pretty upset as the nurses at the Hospital didnt inform her I was being induced.
There was no reason for me being induced, I wasnt even overdue !
But as my waters broke on the Saturday morning, and no contractions, they put me on this agressive drip on Sunday to start them.
Only took 15 mins for my first contraction to come and within hours I was having 5 contractions within 10 min !
Hello Epidural !!
I got told the drip labour is more painful, but hey I dont understand how most woman do this naturally ?!
It huuurts !!
So I got the Epidural and much better.
Not long after I noticed the labour pain was coming back, specially on one side of my lower back.
My partner noticed my epidural was leaking !!
My midwife tried to get hold of the person giving me my Epidural but he was in the theater operation room and was going to be an hour or so.
Oh....that was a looooong painful hour !
When I finally got the Epidural, I could still feel the pain :/
They though my baby was probably sitting on a nerv.
So I had to go through this with this bad labour back pain ahhhhhh !
19 hours later I had finally dilated to 10 cm's and was ready to push.
I seriously had no energy anymore, so much pain, vomiting, gas, tired !!
I was pushing for over an hour, but my cervix was so far back and her head kept sliding back up.
My body seemed to shut down, I didnt even get anymore contractions !
So...after all this time in hospital and long labour, I ended up with what I was fearing.. C-section.
Really ??!!
Then I woke up again, pure fear, my whole body was shaking, the thought of being cut up !
Oh my I was scared.
But my partner was there with me the whole time telling me everything was going to be ok :)
The progress them cutting me and getting her out of my belly went  pretty fast, it was the putting me back together that took long and very very uncomfortable !
But when I heard her first cry...JOY !!
She looked exactly like me when I was a neworn baby.
Both me and my partner cried, so overwhelmed with love !!
I couldnt believe she was finally here with us xxx

Thought I would finally get some sleep after the birth but oh no...I was too excited to sleep and at night my partner had to leave the hospital so I had to be up and watch her, as first time parent I was worried about most things !
The 2nd night was an experience, think I was breastfeeding for 12 hours to bring the milk in!
I thought geez...does my lil bub never stop sucking and go to sleep ?! lol
My nipples are sooo sore...weeeeeee !

After spending a week in hospital I was so happy to come home again, back to normal, my own bed, normal food and to see my puppies again :)
I have been in some pain from the C-section, not being able to get out of bed, walk etc, but I have healed up pretty good and fast in a weeks time.
But im not liking the numb feeling I have on my belly and not being able to drive.

Our plan is to get pregnant again pretty soon :)
Will start trying in 2-3 months !
We want a big family and im not getting any younger so need to start again soon.
I loved being pregnant...



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