Sunday, 11 March 2012


Happy Birthday to my lil Bella Bells cutie turning 1 today :)
Cant believe its almost been a year !
And she is still sooo small.
Supposed to be like 9kg by now but she is still only 5kg.
Mini Mini !
Last night she jumped up on our bed for the first time and on the couch (noooooo !)
 Like a ninja, so fast I dont even notice and boom she is right there next to me hehe.
Been jumping up and down all day long, probably cause she never could before, so gotta watch that lil firecraker now !

 Now lets see how long this toy will last hehe..

 First week small and so cute :)

 Ohhh Mr Ollie Ollie got a full groom :)

 Yum Yum !?
.... Nom Nom ...

1 comment:

  1. she is adorable! happy birthday bella :)
    our cat's name is bella.


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