Friday, 30 March 2012


Well this week went really fast for me as I spent
most of my time totally vegemite on my couch.
Back at work today though and hopefully back to normal soon after this bad cold I had now for few weeks.
Plans for this weekend is resting...and meeting up with some friends :)
Weather is looking good !

Photos from Tine K Collection.

Thursday, 29 March 2012


In bed with a cup of hot lemon tea, Ive got a really nice cold !
 I managed to go to work yesterday but after 4 comments of how "good" I looked, I took my bosses advise to go home and rest up, and I also took her even better advise to stay home today too.
I got up at 8am this morning and it was only +10C outside !! Geeez...not yet please ?! 
Uhhhm...that normally happens in May or June Mr Weatherman.
Brrrrrrr !

This home below of exquisite taste will capture your heart !!
 A flawless renovation by interiors maestro Paula McIntosh brings out the best in this grand turn-of-the-century villa, while delivering all you could want for today's living.

Its flawless !!
I mean how perfect is this house...Im totally in love with it and Im sooooo jealous of this new family thats planning to buy this multi million dollar house.
This beauty is located in one of Aucklands most upper class suburbs Herne Bay on Marine Parade.

With travertine marble, limestone, French-washed oak floors, internal shutters and whimsical fittings, no detail has been overlooked and no luxury spared.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012


In bed finally after a looong day.
Was so cold this morning I had to wear my winter jacket.
Spent the day at work falling asleep, feeling cold and sneezing my eyeballs out, my hayfever is kicking ass!
Fell asleep on the bus home ...which I normally do everyday after a day in the glory office and then stuck in traffic on a bus full of ..... !
Got home, greeted by my two rascals jumping up and down then dragging me straight out for a walk whilst my man is having a nice cold beer in a bar somewhere.
Now taking two dogs for a walk is not easy for me, they are just all over the place, they dont know how to walk and I dont know how to teach them ?!!
I just need some roller blades now and woohooo off we go !
Rest of the evening was marvelous as my gorgeous man did all the cooking and cleaning up, making me a nice cup of tea and letting me watch all the cheesy reality shows on TV.. hehe...yeah I watch them ;p

Check out these gorgeous houses below...a-mazing !

Monday, 26 March 2012


Good morning Monday !
Woke up to this beautiful sunshine today hearing the cicadas in the garden.
Took today off work...still not well and im soooo tired.
So chilling out at home with my two lil rascals Ollie & Bella :)

Morning sun....

 Trees are still green ! 6 more weeks and all their leaves will fall...and thats not gonna be fun to crate :/

 My yellow peppers has finally started to kick off growing...
think we planted few too many ? haha

 Cheeky Bella...her favourite place to sleep, behind our sofa cushions, which btw are daily all over the floor when I normally get home from work !
Keeping me company today being lazy on my couch watching TV ;)

Friday, 23 March 2012


Cute, cozy and funky little apartment in Sweden, with some Moroccan touches added.
I love how they have done the walls, looks a bit spanish to me.
Im not a fan of apartments but they have done a really good job with this one !

Looove that Howard Chair !

Perfect Fireplace ...and remember its in an apartment !

Beautiful table !!

Hope you had a good week and will enjoy the weekend !
Ive had a very long slow week, very busy at work, been feeling ridiculously tired and had
headaches most of the week...oh joy !
Still raining...ive given up on the sunshine for the summer and autumn.
I have already had our heaters on !
But hey..YAY FOR FRIDAY !!


Wednesday, 21 March 2012


Stunning Swedish kitchen designs by Kvanum.
Love their cupboards and subway tiles :)
Im definitely in need of some more cupboards in my tiny kitchen.
But nowhere to put them!
Cant wait until we move one day and Im so gonna splash out on a big new kitchen !

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