Tuesday, 31 January 2012


Hope everybody had a good weekend !
I spent some relaxing time mostly at home, chilling out in our garden, visiting few friends and eating lots of food. I so need to start exercising !
Went to the sunday vegetable market too for some fruit and veggies, so much cheaper there then buying from the normal foodstore !

 ...at the market....

 so much fruit !!

 ..got this Japanese money tree from the market..lets now hope it will bring in some more luck and money into our home !

 ...went to the garden centre and got some wild flowers to plant in a basket...
my cat being curious :)

 ..had this basket lying around so thought I plant the flowers in it..

 ....lined it with some plastic sheets...

 ..and voila !

 ....read my fav magazine :)

 ..Bella chilling in her sandpit, she loves it haha..

 ..and playing with the cat ! These two are crazy together, pretty funny to watch :)

 Our vegetable garden :)  Finally starting to kick off growing. We have hardly had any sun so growing very slow.
We have planted: Pumpkin, cucumber, rhubarb, sage, dill, parsley, coriander, thyme, chives, mint, basil, tomatoes, rocket, salad, potatoes, chilli, capsicums, onion, peas, onions, sweetcorn and some lovely sunflowers :)

We have the biggest plum tree in our garden that I have ever seen !
Not the safest way to pick them hehe , but we have to reach them somehow :)

 Dad up high in the tree, craaazy !

yummy !

Saturday, 28 January 2012


..and some industrial and natural touches to this beautiful home in Sweden.

Friday, 27 January 2012


If you ever come and visit Auckland, then Mollies is a must ! Its a 5 Star Luxury Boutique Hotel and restaurant. I have never stayed the night there but have looked inside their rooms and its absolutely stunning. Been to their restaurant a few times though and it is the most romantic place I have ever eaten for sure ! They spend 1 hour every night to light all the candles as there is soooo many and there is live opera at 7pm before dinner starts. Their food and service is incredible.
~Very romantic ~


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