We bought our little cottage in July 2010.
 Our entrance..which needs some work, some nice tiles will be laid down this summer. The door was black from the beginning, then red and now its white!

Our very green driveway.

! More photos coming !


  1. Your home looks so charming! I can't wait to see more :) xo K

  2. Have you thought about decking over the concrete? It will give you a level entryway and look very beachy. We did it at our old house and it looked great!
    Tania Maree xx
    (Scandi Coast Home)

  3. I’m glad you still love your first home, even after two years of having it. It’s part of a special milestone, after all. :) Continue discovering the charms concealed in its walls. It’s the bonus you get, aside from actually living in it, from going through the exhausting process of house purchasing. :D

    Avril ^.^

  4. Hi Gaby! I’m glad that you are a proud owner of your house even if it’s already been two years. I’m sure that you’ve invested a lot in this house which is why you are so proud of it. Congrats on making a good purchase!

    -Javier Bonnell


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