This is my lil man... Ollie...he was born 9th april 2009

Isnt he just adorable !!
He looooves cuddles..and walks!! He would walk all day long if could choose...very affectionate and looooves to play..play..play..

First night ...fell asleep in my shoebox..

This is H I S teddy...he is totally obsessed with his teddy..gone thru a few of these now but he still think its the same one :-) ..do not touch his teddy haha


3 months old

1 years old ! 

I think he wanted my food...ALWAYS...he knows that word very very well...lil rascal !

He wasnt to sure about his new jumper :-)

He was barking at this tree for a while...then I though he mite wee on it... pull of the decorations...but he was a very good boy ! He even sat still for once posing for my xmas photo !

Newly groomed

..he did like his leather jacket tho !!

...but not this one..eh eh...but oh how cute !


Just had a full groom ! Hes loving it hehe...

Now this..is Ollies backyard..oh yes..we treat him like our own lil baby :-)

'Digging is my favourite thing...and then..putting me head in it'

'This is my friend Wolfgang !'

A pool to cool off in with his mates when summerdays get too hot.

Then..11th of March 2011..Bella Bells was born..

...how could we say no to another puppy ?!
We only went to "look" but ended up with another puppy !!
Look at her..isnt she just adorable ..

6 weeks old..she did whisper to me saying she is very very naughty !

7 weeks old and coming home with us !!

..she is all yours Ollie !
They are inseparable now..

I can see naughtyness...not being far away :-)

Leaves..loves them !! My house is full of leaves !!

Cuddles ! Gosh Ollie is so protective over her :-)

It must be FOOD

Bella does actually sit like that...its so cute haha..

Bella is now 9 months old and she is t i n y ! I think I have got the smallest mini mini Schnauzer !

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