Sunday, 18 November 2012


Just a little update on whats going on.
I had to come into the hospital at 9am on thursday morning the15th Nov to see an Obstetrician as I had high blood pressure. 
So they checked my blood again which was ok, but my blood pressure was still high.
Waited in a room for 2 hours to hear what they were gonna do.
They decided to put me into a ward and induce me. Was so anxious and freaked out all day !
Didnt know much about inductions. So I sent my partner home to pick up my hospital bag and babies bag.
That night I had one hour sleep, as I was so anxious plus lots of baby cries keeping me awake, people coming and going aswell. 
Friday morning I felt like a Zombie !!
Got induced 2 times on the friday 16th November, her actual due date.
But even after this me cervix just wont open !! Argh...
Slept better on friday night, woke up at 4.30 am, as they keep checking my blood pressure and monitoring the contractions. 
05.00am my water broke !
They moved me into a birthing room at 7am and told me I probably have the baby today, Sat 17th November, so I got really excited, but also ridic nervous !
They induced me AGAIN. I think every nurse here at the hospital has now examed me haha.
They prepared the drip into my hand to force the labour, but when they examed me, my cervix was STILL closed !! So they had to induce me... A G A I drip was aloud yet.
Getting so tired and over being at the hospital, waiting for things to happen, missing home and my lil doggies too!! 
The food at the hospital is just dreadfull..YUK...even my dogs wouldnt eat it !!
Once again my partner had to go home overnight at 9pm and let me stay here at hospital alone :(
Didnt sleep again, had bad labour pains as they induced me before bedtime...not good !
Its now Sunday 18th November, and I have been in hospital since thursday morning.
Another day of "maybe"?!
But they are thinking of forcing the labour now with the drip....
Bit scared as I know the labour is painful, and so far I have only had the mild labour pains !!
So im pretty sure I will have the epidural.
So thats it for now... its 10am on sunday morning, waiting for my partner to come in again to hospital and wait for things to happen !!



  1. oh Dear, good luck! I went 2 weeks over and had to be induced. Not the best but sooooo worth it in the end. Am thinking of you. Amy x

  2. Don't be frightened. Just do what you need to do ;O)
    If it makes you feel any better I had a similar experience with my second baby......try to relax!
    Tania xx

  3. Best wishes for you and your baby!


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