Monday, 12 November 2012

39 Weeks + 3 days

Tick ...Tock...Tick..Tock..
no signs of any labour yet.
Im due on Friday 16th Nov.
Really dont want to go past the date, she is getting bigger and I have to push her out right hehe.
Today I have been feeling really emotional and so nervous, think my hormones are all over the place and I keep crying randomly !
Saw my midwife today and I had a sudden High blood pressure, which so far has been completely normal, so I had to go to the LabTest urgently for a blood test for Preeclampsia !
It completely freaked me out, but I am a total hypochondriac, so just imagine how I will feel when I go into labour ahhhhhh, and I freak out when Im in hospitals, so who knows how this is gonna go ??!
My blood results came back 4 hours later OK, pheeeeew !
My midwife thinks my body might just be getting ready for labour and could cause a sudden rise in blood pressure, but an Obstetrican will do a check up on friday, unless I have had lil bubba by then !
Wish Me Luck !!



  1. good luck!! i'm excited for you.
    you look fantastic, by the way.

  2. You look amazing, as does that sweet little moses basket you have. Good luck lovely!

  3. Your looking so beautiful! Best wishes for you and your baby! Geli

  4. You look really well ;O)
    Just go with whatever happens.
    It's all very exciting ;O)
    Tania xx
    PS. Good luck!


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