Monday, 5 November 2012

38 Weeks

38 weeks pregnant and she could come any day !!
Been on maternity leave for 2 weeks now and time has just flown by,
 I cant believe Im about to meet this little person so soon.
Everyday Im thinking...mayby today?!
Im still really really nervous, such an emotional experience to go through.
Trying to rest but I keep doing things all the time like cleaning the house constanly and gardening, probably cause I wont have time later!
I think I will miss my big belly a little bit and feeling her kicks inside of me :)


Me and my dear friend Shylah, we are only 10 weeks apart pregnant.


  1. You are looking amazing Gaby! Good luck, I hope she arrives soon xx

  2. stunning photos! all the best.

  3. What a great Christmas you'll have with your little one - so exciting! Good luck :) x

  4. Your looking so sweet and beautiful! Best wishes for you two! Geli

  5. Have just discovered your gorgeous blog! Good luck with baby. Make sure you take lots of photos of your beautiful belly. Elaina


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