Monday, 26 March 2012


Good morning Monday !
Woke up to this beautiful sunshine today hearing the cicadas in the garden.
Took today off work...still not well and im soooo tired.
So chilling out at home with my two lil rascals Ollie & Bella :)

Morning sun....

 Trees are still green ! 6 more weeks and all their leaves will fall...and thats not gonna be fun to crate :/

 My yellow peppers has finally started to kick off growing...
think we planted few too many ? haha

 Cheeky Bella...her favourite place to sleep, behind our sofa cushions, which btw are daily all over the floor when I normally get home from work !
Keeping me company today being lazy on my couch watching TV ;)


  1. You poor thing,
    I hope you feel better soon......
    I have to say, that tablescape looks the best just the way you have it. It looks great!
    Enjoy the beautiful weather while it lasts!
    I know I am!!! Flat out painting actually......
    Tania Maree xx
    Scandi Coast Home Australia

  2. I bet Ollie & Bella enjoyed having you home today. Your vege garden looks great - there's a good looking salad waiting to be made! xxx

  3. hope you're feeling better soon! your garden is lovely. your dogs must be enjoying having you home.


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