Tuesday, 27 March 2012


In bed finally after a looong day.
Was so cold this morning I had to wear my winter jacket.
Spent the day at work falling asleep, feeling cold and sneezing my eyeballs out, my hayfever is kicking ass!
Fell asleep on the bus home ...which I normally do everyday after a day in the glory office and then stuck in traffic on a bus full of ..... !
Got home, greeted by my two rascals jumping up and down then dragging me straight out for a walk whilst my man is having a nice cold beer in a bar somewhere.
Now taking two dogs for a walk is not easy for me, they are just all over the place, they dont know how to walk and I dont know how to teach them ?!!
I just need some roller blades now and woohooo off we go !
Rest of the evening was marvelous as my gorgeous man did all the cooking and cleaning up, making me a nice cup of tea and letting me watch all the cheesy reality shows on TV.. hehe...yeah I watch them ;p

Check out these gorgeous houses below...a-mazing !

1 comment:

  1. Ooh, I love that last house especially. There's not much (for me) that beats someone else cooking me dinner - bliss! xxx


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