Monday, 19 December 2011


Hello ..hello..hope everybody had a good weekend and managed to do some Christmas shopping ! I tried..didnt happen, too much rain, walked pass a bar, red wine and that was it hehe..oh well , we still have a few days left! I wanna give Kirsty @ Coral and Coast a big hug for giving me a 'Liebster Award' and putting my blog name out there :-) Please check out her wonderful Coastal Blog !

Had to post this photo I took from my friends balcony over the weekend,  perfect rainbow !

...just went to visit one of our markets for some bargains....

...I ended up with a vino again ..Oooops ;-)



  1. You're so welcome Gaby! Happy to share the blog-love with my lovely Kiwi girls! :) xo K

  2. That's so funny - just the sort of thing I would do! Sometimes I go shopping for others and end up buying for me instead. But I'm nearly done now, so feeling a bit more relaxed about Christmas. xxx


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