Wednesday, 17 October 2012


My bump at 35 weeks.
Last week at work this week, really looking forward to some rest.
She is feeling really heavy now when I walk around and stomache is very tight !
Im getting up more frequently at nights to wee and abit uncomfortable sleeping.
My hip pain doesnt seem to go away, but only hurts at nights.
No swelling yet which is good, only just taken my ring of my finger.
Been feeling little bit dizzy, but thats all.
My sweets intake is increasing though hehe.
I have to say I am getting really nervous, and also extremely emotional, I get tears in my eyes just thinking of meeting her so soon.
My pregnancy has just flown by and I need these last few weeks to sink it all in really.
Starting to fear the labour pain, but trying to relax about it.
Just hoping I wont get a c-section, that would freak me out !
Not very keen on hospitals, but Im planning to have an epidural so has to be.
Still stuck on names !!
So guess we will have to wait until we meet her.
Planning to do some gardening and clean up the house before bubba arrives as I dont think I will have time for that soon....oh and some good sleep :)


  1. Good luck. My little Frankie is nearly 2 weeks old and I am loving every second. xxx


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