Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Wall Panelling

I absolutely love the panelling look and always wanted it in our house, so after reading Jenna Sue's Blog and her projects, I finally decided to give it a go ! My partner wasnt too sure or keen, but hey im the one wearing the pants in our relationship hehe. So off we went out and got the things we needed, just a few panells, nails, glue, fillers, paint etc. To measure and put the panells up took 2 hours, then the sanding and painting took 3 hours. Everything went really smooth and we both love the finishing look so much we will continue doing some panelling in our hallway !


  1. Very nice, it just adds another layer of texture and interest. And keeping it white means you get the effect without being too fussy. x

  2. So pretty! It adds a lot of character!

  3. it's a great idea & looks lovely!

  4. Hello Gaby, it Looks very beautiful and dreamy!

  5. It looks amazing Gaby.
    I really really like that a lot......;o)
    Tania xx

  6. Wow, you did such a great job!! It turned out perfectly :)

  7. Wonderful ! I love those wall covering in white. It looks not to difficult. Perhaps I will try to realize it in our house. You and your husband did a great job.
    Have a good time and all the best for you and your baby


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