Thursday, 21 June 2012


Week 19....
My bump has really started to show now, the last 3 weeks it definitely had a big growth spurt.
Im carrying low rather then high.
One more week to go and we will find out the gender, so exciting !!
I started to feel the baby move 2 weeks ago now, like little ticklish flutters, and feeling them all the time now.
Its a very nice calming feeling knowing its there and moving around :)
Sleeping is not as comfortable now as it used to be, I cant lie on my stomache anymore or my back which I always used to sleep on. It reduces oxygen to the baby.
Sleeping on my side has gotten abit painful the last week as my hips has started to make space for the baby and the pain keeps me up at night (and the peeing!) then cant get back to sleep again.
 In the mornings it feels like I had a hard session at the gym the night before with sore muscle aches in my hips!
The video below is of me lying on the couch last night, and my midwife listening to my babies heartbeat thru a fetal doppler, you can hear it properly 20 secs into the video.
Its filmed from my partners phone and it was abit dark so the quality is not that good, but the sound is :)

This cute little Moses Basket is my newest purchase for the baby.
Its made from natural paper rope and the mattress is 100% organic wool.
Baby will have its own little snug bed wherever we go :) 

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  1. Ooooh, so excited for you Gaby!
    I hope you get some good sleep......;o)
    Tania xx


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