Friday, 1 June 2012


pregnant today, time flies !

My nausea has finally disappeared and my energy is back, phew !
But I do get some really painful headaches now and then, my appetite has increased, im continuously hungry, still no special food cravings though, and my boobs feels like swollen bruised balloons.
Im constipated and I keep getting up 3-4 times a night to pee, bit annoying as I cant seem to get enough sleep !

This cold Ive had, since Weeks 5, and still have is apparently not a cold :/
Its actually a nasal congestion which is a widespread complaint during pregnancy, as the high levels of progesterone and estrogen cause mucus membranes (like the nasal lining) to swell and produce more fluid than normal and will most likely last throughout the whole pregnancy.
Awesome !

My mood swings has entered my 2nd trimester hehe, im pretty much annoyed and grumpy at everything at the moment !
Lets hope my partner can bear with me for another 5 months haha.

This weekend is a long weekend as of Queens Birthday.
Looking forward to some sleep in time, snuggling up on the couch watching movies and have the fire on. 
Its getting really cold at nights Brrrrrr ! 

One thing im really really looking forward to this weekend is to start decorating the baby room !!
We decided to keep the neutral scheme that we already have and then the toys etc will just add that punch of colour.
Below is a few things that will go into the room.

 This adorable Bed Canopy from IKEA will hang over the baby cot.

Simple white drawers.

IKEA Shelving unit. 
This will be a great item in the room where we can put all the toys etc.

Not forgetting the soft teddies :)

 I recently bought this cool Flexibath that you can just fold together so it wont take up any space, and today I bought this cute little bath support for it.
The bath support is designed to fit the baby’s body shape, holding it gently in place and making sure the baby stays safely within the seating bowl of the bath support.

So cute !!


  1. I so wish Ikea was around when I was having babies! It has the best baby stuff. Congrats on your pregnancy...I loved being pregnant and motherhood. It's alot more fun than premenopause. lol I have the white shelving unit in my art studio and absolutely love it.

  2. look forward to seeing the baby's room. ikea is great for kid's things!

  3. It's good to get used to the lack of sleep now......;o)
    Take a nap when you can......Have a relaxing weekend!
    Tania xx


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