Tuesday, 15 May 2012


Just bought this awesome baby bath today.
Its a non slip bath that easily folds together, what a great idea !!
And it got its own plug to let the water out.
Wont take up any space at all.
Can also use it to put toys in at a later stage.

Yes...my head is buzzing with baby stuff but I promise I havnt got coco.. yet haha.


We have also bought this cute baby cot.
Its a Touchwood.

 And here he/she is...sucking on its thumb !!!
So cute :)


  1. the folding bath is a great idea!
    keep well x

  2. I LOVE that cot.
    Very Hamptons......and the storage...YAY!!!
    Have a great day ;o)
    Tania xx

  3. Oh, I remember the days - shopping for baby things, so exciting. You wait til your hubby finds the prams, it seems to be the thing they like the most, probably because they have wheels! The bath is a great idea! xxx


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