Wednesday, 4 April 2012


I just couldnt believe my eyes when I saw my old school that I went to in Sweden from age 7-9, was up for sale and has been turned into a proper home now.
And thinking about it how long ago this was made me freak out even more !!
30 years ago now, I went there as a little girl, had my first boy crush there too!
Ahhhh beautiful memories :)
Now im feeling really old haha.

So here it is...I remember sitting on those stairs eyeing up 'that' boy :)
Everything looks the same, even the door and that clock above it is original.
House color has changed though, it used to be yellow.
The teachers used to come out to those stairs and ring the bell by hand after every break we had outside.
Like old times :)
Next to the main entrance you can see another little door to the right, which led to our lunch room.

This was my hallway for 3 years :)
The benchseats are still the original, and we used to wait there until the teacher came and opened up the door to the classroom, which is the door to the right.
This is how my old class room looks now.
This school is really really old and they still used the same benchseats from back in time, when they had the ink !

Well that spiral staircase wasnt there in my classroom 30 years ago !
Its leading down to something pretty good though hehe.

The hallway opposite mine, my 'boys' classroom. :)
The stairs leading up to another classroom, the gymnastics room and the scary attic.

The 2nd classroom.

Up on the 2nd floor and those stairs leading up to the attic.

The 3rd classroom on the second floor turned into a kitchen....

...and a bedroom.

This used to be our gymnastics room.
The gym equipment on the walls are still there, the originals :)
I hated gymnastics and came up with ridiculous amonts of reasons why I couldnt join haha

Behind that little door entrance you can see was the Girls Changing Room.

This room used to be the showers and changing rooms.

Here are those spiral stairs again leading down from my classroom, to the lunch room.
Now I cant really remember that bar being there though when I had my lunch ?! hehe

  So this used to be our lunchroom...

Kitchen still on the same spot as before, they used to make us yummy hot meal lunches.
Yeah...we do get abit spoilt in Sweden :)

The small hallway where we used to queue up to the lunch room.

The "scary" spiral stairs where we used to practise our Fire Exit.

Ahhh...soooo many good memories, sometimes I wish I could go back in time and do it again.
Really want to go and see my school again, such a shame its not a school anymore though :(


  1. How cool is that......
    Lucky you......getting cooked lunches ;o)
    We got a vegemite sandwich and a some biscuits which we took from home......
    Tania xx

  2. What a cute little school it must have been :) I like seeing how people transform these sorts of buildings, although some turn out better than others.

  3. what a sweet building. it would be strange to see your old school become a house. it reminds me of a movie, i think it was norwegian. can't remember the name.

  4. How amazing to see your school transformed like that, and bringing back all those memories. Wonder what 'that boy' is doing now :) x


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