Monday, 30 April 2012


Went for my first scan today !!
I was pretty nervous and excited, hoping that everthing was going to be ok :)
I think I squeezed my partners fingers blue when the nurse was putting that gel on my belly hehe.
Was such an amazing happy feeling to finally see lil bubs inside me, he/she was moving around heaps !
Been having that special smile on my face all day :)
Got a cd to take home aswell so I can watch him/her move around and to see that little heartbeat beating.
Not been feeling the greatest lately, hence the lack of posting. Im so so tired still and my nausea was on top form last week !! 
Now I can say I had some proper morning sickness haha.
 Im entering my 2nd Trimester end of this week, so hopefully im getting my energy back soon.

Lying on its back..
You can see the head, body and a foot there !

Look at those little legs up in the air !


  1. Hi Gaby,
    How sweet are these images......
    I hope you are feeling better soon ;o)
    Tania @ Scandi.Coast.Home

  2. Aw, so tiny! :) I hope you're feeling better soon, I know so many ladies that are pregnant right now, there must be something in the water! xo K

  3. It's so special seeing your baby for the first time. Hang in there, the 2nd trimester is often the best time, when you start to 'glow' - I loved it. xxx

  4. so exciting for you, hope you feel better soon!


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