Sunday, 1 April 2012


Its Sunday morning and Blake just made me breakfast in bed.
Thats my man !
Staying in bed longer then ususal today, we turned our clocks back, so when I woke up it wasnt 8am, only 7am !!
Nice to wake up and its lighter outside and not so dark anymore.

Went out for early breakfast yesterday with my friends Pip & Cory, was a very nice sunny morning and yummy brekkie !!

Its was delicious..

After breakfast we went to Freedom to get some new white blinds.
I couldnt believe how cheap they are !!!
We have been paying $$$ for our previous blinds and then I go to Freedom and get them for $89 !!
Cant even see the difference comparing them to my expensive wooden ones.
Freedom Blinds are made of some sort of plastic, but they look great !

This is how it looked before the white blinds
And this is with the new white ones, looks so much brighter now, especially when the sun shines in.

Saw this lovely tablescape at Freedom :)

My lavender plants have finally started to bloom, taken ages, but now they are so pretty !

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  1. The blinds look great! I'm a big fan of the white ones too :) Thanks for the advice re: moving abroad, I'm quite nervous about renting out our place but I think the experience would be worth it and then we'd always have somewhere to come back to! xo K


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