Sunday, 15 April 2012

10 WEEKS.....

YES !!
I have finally got around to tell my friends in person that reads my blog the exciting news.
Was it planned?
 Of course…but never thought it would happen this quick?!
We tried once (not sex haha), but without protection, and boom boom Im pregnant !
My partner couldn’t really believe it as I told him it normally takes most couples 6-12 months, especially in my age. 
So how did I find out I was pregnant?
Well, I was looking for every possible sign like I believe most of us do hehe,  as we really want to get pregnant asap when trying.
I didn’t really notice any big signs at the start but up to 16dpo this is what I felt:
  • Suddenly blocked nose, but not actually having a cold.
  • Sore throat for only a day
  • Hot flushes
  • Dizzy
  • Very tired, took naps in middle of the day which I normally don’t do.
  • Thirsty and very dry mouth !
  • Hungry !  I told my partner I might have worms as I always felt really hungry !
10dpo I decided to take a pregnancy test as “google” says it would show on the stick.
It was the same morning we were dropping my parents off to the airport flying back to Sweden, I wanted to give them a nice surprise.
Test was Negative.
I was pretty upset, wondering how I couldn’t be pregnant after all that sex?!!
Back to work on Monday, started to get my “period cramps”.
I was already few days late and I kept joking with my partner saying:

‘Ooohh no period today either, I might be pregnant?!’ J
But in my mind I still had the Negative test, but maybe I took it too early??
By Friday I still had no period so I was starting to wonder?
And Im NEVER late.
I was thinking, if im not pregnant then there is definitely something wrong with me ??!
So please be pregnant! 
(I am such a hypochondriac)
My partner was out with the boys that night  so didn’t want to take a test at home alone.
I bought my first bottle of Non Alcoholic wine,
just in case hehe...and yes it was yuk !
I was actually starting to think, what if I was pregnant and all those drinks Ive had after I took that negative test =O
That Hen night I went to was pretty messy too !
So on Saturday morning I just had to do another test.
I wasn’t even nervous,  cause I just thought I had to be pregnant?
And there it was POSITIVE !!
I was jumping up and down of happiness whilst my partner sat there with his big mouth open and a shocked face haha…He was like noo? Really ?? huh?!
And then he started to smile and laugh with me hehe.
We were so excited we wanted to tell the whole world !!
I think I spent most of that weekend confused with 1000s of questions  in my head and started to freak out about what and what not I was allowed to eat ?!
So how have Ive been feeling from week 5-10 ?
TIRED !! we are talking tiiired....
Tiredness I thought never excited?!
No energy at all and my eyelids just shuts, all I want to do is sleep.
Hence Ive had very quite weekends doing nothing but sleeping.
Sore..ouch…they actually starting to feel and look like I have had breast implants lol.
Very "full"
Worst in the mornings then during the day they are not too sore, but then if you do give me a nice little hug they do feel like they are about to explode.

Omg…im so over my headaches …
And  its on all day long.
Well, as in vomiting , only once !
Morning sickness must be so different in every woman.
Im feeling so sick every morning, but im guessing that’s due to the hunger we feel on top of that awesome headache?
So it does take me a while to get out of bed.
To describe this in one word it feels like:
My advise would be, try and get up 30 mins earlier then normal on workdays as it will take some the time to stabilise in the mornings hehe
Im constantly starving !!
I have no idea how these  woman don’t pile on any extra pounds whilst pregnant??
My mum only put on 6kg whilst pregnant, somehow I don’t think that will be in my case haha.
They say that in your First Trimester add another 100 calories to your diet.
Bull$hit ! 
 Im hungry !!
Hmm…maybe I do have worms then? lol
I make myself a banana, kiwi, blueberry, yoghurt, milk and honey smoothie every morning to keep me going to get ready.
Then when I get to work I have either eggs or musli for breakfast.
Then I kind of eat for the rest of the day haha.
No…not really, well not yet.
 I do indulge a bit more now though then before I guess.
Haha !
Im sure my partner can easily answer that question...
When is my first scan?
In a weeks time !
Im a little bit nervous, will be so weird to see a little body inside of me J
And please let there be a heartbeat..or two ?!
Yes, im hoping for twins, I wouldn’t mind having two cuties at once J
We do have twins in my family and I am showing a bigger belly then normal, but that might just be all the food im eating at the moment lol
Im REALLY looking forward to doing up our baby room, which I have planned ages ago now hehe.
All the furniture will be in white and then the decorations will add the color.
Exciting times ahead !!


  1. Congratulations Gaby!
    I'm so happy for you......
    small frequent snacks can help a little with morning sickness......
    Have a relaxing Sunday ;o)
    Tania @ Scandi Coast Home

  2. CONGRATS!!!! I wish you the best of luck and pray that all goes smoothly for you. :)

  3. Congratulations Gaby!! So excited for you, let the baby-shopping begin!! :) xo K

  4. Congrats Gaby, it's such an exciting time of your life. I've got three gorgeous girls, and the youngest two are identical twins - they change your life! My advice to you is to keep fit throughout your pregnancy, I think it helps with the labour - I went for lots of regular, long walks. xxx


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