Sunday, 4 March 2012


Woke up to a stunning day skies, sunshine and no wind.
Just a tad different from yesterdays cold winter day, yep thats NZ for ya !
My mouth is now all good from that sore dental visit hehe...wont do that again soon : /
Now I just need to keep my mouth shut for a while until I get this fake tooth put it which is costing me $$$.
I look like an old woman  when I smile with no tooth ! haha

Anyways..I went to get some frames yesterday for my butterfly prints, found the perfect pair at My Flatpack IKEA and they are now up on my walls :)

 Rearranged a few items in our bedroom, put some more shells up on our dresser :)

 Here we are picking out our pieces for our new dining table.
Bargain !
 It now looks like this ! My dad built it in only one day...isnt it fab ?!
Im so happy with it :)
We have decided to paint it in White Super Gloss.
I do like the natural timber, distressed or the whitewashed look, but we thought it will probably look better in just plain white in our small space that we have in our house.

 Dont even ask me about the paw prints on the wall lol !!

 First coat is going on :)

 Had some nice afternoon bubbles in the sun today by the beach...


  1. LOVE your table!! looks like a lovely weekend there.

  2. Love the table ~ sigh ~ and looks like you had a wonderful weekend. I can't wait for sunshine. It's cold and gloomy here in Canada.

  3. Hi, i really love your table, especially the legs! a great look!
    Laura xx

  4. Love the prints and table, gotta love handy Dad's!! :) xo K

  5. The table is fabulous and it looks great painted white!! Such a lovely blog you have - glad to find you through Cheryl at Beachcomber :O)


  6. I LoVe the the way, is that a throw rug or a cat on the lounge ;o)
    You are so lucky to have a Dad like that!!!
    Make sure you post some pics for me quick smart because I aDore that table......
    Tania Maree xx
    Scandi Coast Home AUSTRALIA

  7. Love it all!!
    And I love your table!! So simple and so cute:)


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