Wednesday, 15 February 2012


Im back !!
Wow..what an amazing holiday we had :)
It was absolutely perfect, like a dream.
I will show you lots of photos what we did each day on the Island.

Woke up on Saturday morning and it was really bad weather, raining of course, but as we arrived to the car ferry it started to clear up, and when we arrived on Waiheke Island, we had clear blue skies and brilliant sunshine, was so perfect....

Bella and Ollie all excited on the car ferry !

...the gate entrance to where we were going to stay for 4 days ...
Pretty good start...and look at the sky !!

Views !! Driveway to the batch... can now see The Barn in the distance..

...omg my jaws dropped when we arrived...everything just looked so perfect !

Looking at The Barn from the other side.

Inside The Barn

The view from our bedroom :)

The Main house, next to our Barn

Isnt it amazing.. Id live here in a heartbeat !

Check out our views !!
We were sitting here every night, enjoying a few wines, sooo many stars and all you could hear was the cicaders..

In the distance to the right of this photo you can see a massive house, which I was so drooling over...
The guy who built this house for his family, owned the house we were staying at while it was getting built.

Close up photo of the 22 million dollar mansion on Waiheke !

He got his inspiration from this house which is up North in New Zealand, called Kauri Cliffs.

View from our balcony towards the main house.

View from our balcony over our gardens

Blake sorting our dinner..

The main house

Mum made a very yummy Valentines Cake, with jam, custard, cream and all the goodie stuff !

After our cake and bbq we went to my favourite place to indulge in some good wine, Mudbrick Vinyard...and its only up the road from our Barn !! Perfect spot !! This place is breathtaking..

Mudbricks own Rose wine


From Mudbrick you can see Auckland on a clear day, stunning sunsets at night ..

Very romantic place to dine...

Taking Blakes mum up on Mudbrick hill to look at the views even better..

Taking the doggies for an evening walk at one of Waihekes beaches , Oneroa.

I turned around and saw this big heart in the sand next to my parents. .cute...

We drove to Te Whau Vinyard to watch the sunset...

Ordering some wine of their own grapes..$17 a glass..yikes ! haha

Magical warm evening..stunning sunset with views over Auckland in the distance..mmmmm


  1. wow! what a stunning area. love the buildings and the cute barn!

  2. What an amazing place!! That view is breath-taking. I am so glad that you had a wonderful time.

  3. Yay, you're back! Glad you had a good time, it all looks gorgeous! Love your accommodation, soo cute! xo K

  4. Holy moly - What a beautiful place to kick back! Thank you for sharing your little getaway with us! It was amazing to see all the beauty there!

    xoxo laurie


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