Monday, 2 January 2012


Found this stunning 410m2  home up for sale in Sweden.
I love everything about it, the white clean lines mixed with natural wood and some industrial and vintage touches.

 Love the look of mixing up chairs at the table with a vintage looking carpet under.

 Gorgeous !

 Fireplace with double sides

 Loving how the wood got its own little area, stocked up agains the wall :)

 Kids got a fire pole to slide down from their playroom to downstairs living area :)

 Bringin in a little touch of country feel

 Loving the hammock by the relaxing..

 Spa feeling in this bathroom

 Beautiful Industrial lamps in the bedroom

 This is the chill out room next to the sauna in there and entrance out to their pool.

 Wonderful cozy outdoor area with heated floors.


  1. What an incredible home! The light inside is just amazing! I love it all xo K

  2. That is the most amazing home. I kept getting wowed the further I scrolled down... the fireman pole, the hammock, the kid's rings hanging from the roof, and their hide-away beds, but my favourite is the horse - I've always wanted a carousel horse in my living room! xxx


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