Thursday, 12 January 2012


Been dog sitting our friends 2 adorable lil Mini Schnauzers Heidi & Schultzy for the last two nights while their owners went away on a mini holiday.
4 doggies (and a cat) running around the house and outside the garden ..madness..haha
Plenty of muddy paws inside and on top of our white duvet covers !
..hello bleach..
First night I only got 2 hours sleep..on the couch..
...think they got bit confused why they were sleeping at our they decided to stay up instead !

Its been fun :)

 Heidi & Schultzy

 Nooo !! Get away from my Hydrangeas !  I did loose half the lilac one haha...oh well they grow out :)

...little rascals...


  1. How cute! :) It sounds like you have had your hands full! Now, if you ever want to dog sit my two hehe well, they weigh about 30 kilos each and enjoy racing up and down the hallway at top speed and leaping off the deck..! xo K

  2. Haha..I so know what you mean with the racing and leaping off the deck :)


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