Tuesday 24 January 2012


I actually cannot believe we had +10c this morning at 7pm !  We are in the middle of our high summer right?! The air is cold.. Brrrrr..
I know im from Sweden and should be used to the cold, but I love the humidity and warm summer evenings :) ...still waiting for it to happen ..
Got some beautiful country images to show you !! Some of them has got industrial and vintage touches to it, and I think it looks great !

 I looove those cane baskets !

 Olive trees

 .....looks amazing...


  1. Oh my gosh! I love every image....STUNNING!

  2. I do love a little bit of country and it was pretty chilly early this morning!! Crazy weather, hoping and praying for some sun next week for our holiday! xo K

  3. Gorgeous! I love the warmth in all these rooms and one can never have too many baskets. :)

  4. Be still my heart....♥ These photos are amazing! :)

    xoxo laurie

  5. You need to come down to Hawke's Bay, we're having some beautiful Summer weather (at last!). I love those big chunky baskets as well, and that country/industrial kitchen is really cool. Also about midway, that wooden bench seat is fab - I want one similar for our deck, but can't find quite what I want. xxx

    1. I know..might just have to come to Hawkes Bay:) Never been ! ohhhh and Im loving that wooden bench seat too :)


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