Monday, 16 January 2012


Ohh such a beautiful Swedish house up for sale. Im loving the black and white interior ! Im thinking the owners must be into some sort of design :)

 Look at the lovely white floors ! And my favourite lamps from Tine K

 ohhh ..soft spot for that white cabinet !

 Beautiful ....
I cant get over how perfect the floors are !
But with my two doggies and a cat I think I would be washing the floors all the time hehe.

 Love love love the dining area

 I so want that big silver tray from Tine K !!


  1. crisp and clean! so many beautiful things in there :)

  2. Hi there... thank you so much for leaving a comment on the Northern Light Blog, so that I could find you back here!

    WOW, what a GREAT apartment, what a wonderful find to share with all of us. I am sure the people living there are in the design field... or just hired a really good stylist! :)

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