Friday, 6 January 2012


Ahhh what a beautiful day we have today...finally the sun is out and its calm and warm ...sitting on my deck right now with a glass of bubbles...hey im still on my holiday :)  
Yesterday we went to the beach in Kohi, even if it was cloudy..the air was so calm and warm, opened a bottle of bubbles and just relaxed...

The blue skies and sun did come out in the end :)

...also planted our Hydrangeas in our garden, cant wait til they grow big ! capsicums are ready to eat :)

...later in the evening after dinner Me, Blake and my mum took the doggies for a walk to the park and the beach...was such a beautiful evening :)


Bella kept swimming out in the water grabbing the sticks we threw, im still amazed how brave she is being a puppy ! Ollie is still bit scared of the he waits til Bella swims out and get the stick then Ollie grabs it from her when she gets in ..naughty !!

♥ ♥ 


  1. It looks perfect Gaby, glad you're enjoying your holidays! I hope we have some sun this weekend, I am completely over the rain and the dogs bringing muddy paws onto the floor! I have so much gardening to do too, your hydrangeas looks gorgeous, I really want some but don't think the dogs will leave them alone, too tasty! ;) xo K

  2. How beautiful. I am here from Coral and coast and Im loving your blog. What fun times.

  3. Great to get a peek of a beach in New Zealand! Still have yet to have a little picnic on the beach..., with champagne. Nice!! Now I have to wait till summer comes to the US.

  4. Great photos, I love the ones on the beach with the sun going down. We've been enjoying the sunshine, and lots of bubbles, here in Hawke's Bay too. I've taken a cutting off my Mum's hydrangea bushes, and am hoping they will take - a white one like you have planted, and a gorgeous magenta one. Fingers crossed. xxx


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