Monday, 26 December 2011


Hope everyone had a very special Christmas and spent it with your loved ones :)
Sun was warm and shining all day here on to our deck where we sat most of the day and evening with my family and few friends, eating Christmas food and drinking lots of champagne...

Merry Christmas from Ollie and Bella ..almost shared a kiss there me thinks ?! :)

Mum and Dad...9am...on my champagne :)

Making the ham with apricot jam, mixed with wholegrain mustard, lemon rind and juice, cinnamon, gloves and dried apricots, yummy yummy !

Doggies managed to sit still for once and look towards the camera  !

Blakes happy getting some nice warm Peter Alexander Uggboots :)

Yes Blake...that is your OWN face cream...haha ...please stop using mine now! ;p
My handsome newly bathed wee man :)
Poor Bella was hiding under our deck most of the day... scared of kids :)
Heeey ! Thats my spot you cheeky lil man :)

My mums friend sent me these 2 adorable Santas, so cute !!

Merry Christmas from our cat Sess too !

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