Wednesday, 7 December 2011


Today we got our beautiful 6-7ft Christmas Tree delivered, it was more beautiful then I expected, so yay..very happy !! Poured myself a nice glass of Sauvignon Blanc, music playing in the background, doggies looking and wondering what this tree is doing inside our house ..and with lots of excitment I started to decorate our tree. Im still not used to having a tree in the middle of the summer and lighter evenings...its supposed to be cold, dark and snowing outside isnt it ?!  When I was a child and still lived in Sweden, the trees only used to get decorated on the evening of 23rd December, when I was in bed. Then in the morning of Christmas Eve..there it was..our beautiful glowing Christmas Tree with presents under it. Then the whole family sat down for cinnamon rice pudding for breakfast, got dressed up in our best clothes, watched the Christmas cartoons, which is the same every year and still going.. it gets really dark round 3-4pm...and I waited for Santa  to knock on our door....I was actually bit scared haha...but as soon as he showed me the presents he had I had forgotten all about it ! Mmmm memories ...

Taa Daaaa !! 

Hunny.. Im hoping to see presents under the tree soon ? can I  please have a Like a Nikon? Pleeeeaassee :-)

Isnt it pretty ?!

 ...and this is our Christmas decoration in our bedroom.


  1. Your tree looks beautiful! I love how the real ones smell too, divine! x K

  2. Wow what a great tree it looks wonderful love your noel and joy branch idea, its such a specil time its getting closer my friend can't wait. Have a lovely day.

    Always Wendy


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