Friday, 29 June 2012


Yay !
We are having a little Baby Girl :)
Had my 20 weeks scan the other day.
We definitely wanted to know who is kicking inside of me !
Was nervous again having the scan, but guessing its pretty normal, all organs are there and in the right place. Good Good !
I have a low lying placenta though which could mean c-section (nooo !!), but in 9/10 woman the placenta normally moves.

Funny, we both always have been imagine us with a boy first, and I had a feeling it was going to be a boy too for the last 3 months.
We had even picked out the name, the blue color to paint on one wall in the babies room and always looked at the baby boys clothing haha.
So during the scan we both were saying "yep...thats a boy", and the nurse goes   " well...I can tell you its 100% a GIRL !"

Wow...suprise !! haha
Then the tears of joy came :)
We are sooo happy and excited and cant wait to meet our litle Baby Girl !!
Half way there, 20 more weeks to go :)

Monday, 25 June 2012


Sunday noon I had a lovely long hour beach walk at Muriwai Beach with a friend of mine.
I so needed that fresh air and sound of the ocean.
So relaxing...

Saturday, 23 June 2012


Having a cozy night in with the warming fire on.
 Its just me and the doggies tonight, movies, pizza and ice cream. 
Blake watching rugby at friends house. 
Ahhh its nice to have the house to myself sometimes :)

Thursday, 21 June 2012


Week 19....
My bump has really started to show now, the last 3 weeks it definitely had a big growth spurt.
Im carrying low rather then high.
One more week to go and we will find out the gender, so exciting !!
I started to feel the baby move 2 weeks ago now, like little ticklish flutters, and feeling them all the time now.
Its a very nice calming feeling knowing its there and moving around :)
Sleeping is not as comfortable now as it used to be, I cant lie on my stomache anymore or my back which I always used to sleep on. It reduces oxygen to the baby.
Sleeping on my side has gotten abit painful the last week as my hips has started to make space for the baby and the pain keeps me up at night (and the peeing!) then cant get back to sleep again.
 In the mornings it feels like I had a hard session at the gym the night before with sore muscle aches in my hips!
The video below is of me lying on the couch last night, and my midwife listening to my babies heartbeat thru a fetal doppler, you can hear it properly 20 secs into the video.
Its filmed from my partners phone and it was abit dark so the quality is not that good, but the sound is :)

This cute little Moses Basket is my newest purchase for the baby.
Its made from natural paper rope and the mattress is 100% organic wool.
Baby will have its own little snug bed wherever we go :) 

Wednesday, 13 June 2012


We have finally started to set up the baby room.
Took a whole day with all the moving, cleaning and putting furniture together !
I was so tired by the evening but with a big smile on my face :)
We moved the guest bedroom furniture out and moved it into our 2nd guest bedroom.
It already had a nice bed etc in there but as I prefer white we took the current bed and bedside table out from there.

Blake putting the cot together.
It wasnt as easy as we thought..hehe

...and here it is :)
The room is not finished yet though, we still need wall decorations etc.
My cat keeps jumping up in the cot !! arrgh..

Blake putting together the Ikea shelving unit. 

Now we need toys to fill it up with !!

This is how the guest room looked before we turned it into the baby room.

...and we moved that furniture into this guest bedroom.
This room is not that big, so the all white furniture kinda made it look bit bigger.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012


My dream home is up for sale !!
 Unfortunately I dont have $22 million :(

This is a 34 acre waterfront Estate on New Zealand's internationally acclaimed Waiheke Island, including an 1800sqm new home and 2.42 hectare (6 acre) vineyard growing syrah, chardonnay, sauvignon blanc and pinot gris.

This substantial family home has been architecturally designed in Plantation style, modelled on the Kauri Cliffs luxury lodge, by award-winning designer Bryce Ardern.

The home enjoys spectacular ridge-top setting with views, day and night across the waters of the Hauraki Gulf to islands and Auckland 

It has got a fully equipped and working boutique winery in basement including brand new European processing plant, fermentation tanks, laboratory, barrel room, tasting room and private wine cellar. 

Vantage automation system controlled remotely by iPads/iPhones, with high-level security ensured

Heated indoor swimming pool complete with home theatre and air conditioning.
under floor heating throughout, internal lift to 3-floors, new 65kva generator, 8 fireplaces and a helipad.

What else could you really want ?!
Have  a sneak peak inside....

Perfection !!

Friday, 1 June 2012


pregnant today, time flies !

My nausea has finally disappeared and my energy is back, phew !
But I do get some really painful headaches now and then, my appetite has increased, im continuously hungry, still no special food cravings though, and my boobs feels like swollen bruised balloons.
Im constipated and I keep getting up 3-4 times a night to pee, bit annoying as I cant seem to get enough sleep !

This cold Ive had, since Weeks 5, and still have is apparently not a cold :/
Its actually a nasal congestion which is a widespread complaint during pregnancy, as the high levels of progesterone and estrogen cause mucus membranes (like the nasal lining) to swell and produce more fluid than normal and will most likely last throughout the whole pregnancy.
Awesome !

My mood swings has entered my 2nd trimester hehe, im pretty much annoyed and grumpy at everything at the moment !
Lets hope my partner can bear with me for another 5 months haha.

This weekend is a long weekend as of Queens Birthday.
Looking forward to some sleep in time, snuggling up on the couch watching movies and have the fire on. 
Its getting really cold at nights Brrrrrr ! 

One thing im really really looking forward to this weekend is to start decorating the baby room !!
We decided to keep the neutral scheme that we already have and then the toys etc will just add that punch of colour.
Below is a few things that will go into the room.

 This adorable Bed Canopy from IKEA will hang over the baby cot.

Simple white drawers.

IKEA Shelving unit. 
This will be a great item in the room where we can put all the toys etc.

Not forgetting the soft teddies :)

 I recently bought this cool Flexibath that you can just fold together so it wont take up any space, and today I bought this cute little bath support for it.
The bath support is designed to fit the baby’s body shape, holding it gently in place and making sure the baby stays safely within the seating bowl of the bath support.

So cute !!

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